Rate your experience with PeaCube

The PeaCube rating survey:

- keeps the customers' phone number 100% private

- is text message based

- is fully opt-in for the store customer

- takes only about 15 seconds to complete and share online

What is PeaCube?

PeaCube is a patent-pending ratings app which allows in-store salespersons to privately send store customers quick and easy ratings surveys to evaluate their shopping experience.

How PeaCube works for the store customer

  1. You, the customer, enter your local store and receive excellent customer service from your store associate.
  2. Prior to leaving the store, your sales associate kindly requests your service review.
  3. You take 5 seconds to type in your name and number into the PeaCube app to privately (The PeaCube app does not show, save or share any of your details with the store.) send the PeaCube survey to your phone via sms/mms messaging.
  4. The receipt provides a link to the PeaCube or retailer website where you, the customer, can take 25 seconds to rate your shopping experience and have the option to post that rating to the public web.
  5. Average Total Time Spent: 15-20 seconds

Who can benefit from using PeaCube?

Our goal is to put a trusted human face behind every transaction.


Retail sales in either a department store or box store chain who deals directly with customers.


Car salesperson who wants to stay engaged with a potential buyer.

Small Business

Small business owner who wants to track a salespersons ability to close a ROW.

PeaCube Rating App features

  • Store contact details of store associate
  • Take photos of product items
  • Privately SMS message PeaCube ratings surveys to the customer
  • Does not show, share or save customer phone numbers
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